1. Units Guide, Inches
2. Units Guide, Millimeter
3. Rings Inner Diameter

Japanese 1 to 42
European Finger
Circumference in MM

1. US Canada
2. UK Australia
Finger Size Guide

Most accurate ring size Chart and Guide

Cut a strip of paper long enough to fit around your finger
and be sure the width is not less than 8mm

Wrap the paper around your finger, Not too tight,
Not too loose, Snug fit. Mark where the two ends meet.

Measure the length of the paper from tip to pencil mark,
The number in millimeter it will be more accurate.

The number you will get in millimeter will be equal
to European finger Size, You can convert it to any Size.

If you are not sure about your finger size?
You can always visit any local Jewelry store.

However if you make any mistake, We can always
replace it with a new one. (Happy purchase)

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