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General Questions

Yes! We do ship worldwide

✪ ELTA Hellenic Post  ✈  We ship all our orders via International Postal Service (ELTA) Hellenic Post
✈ Tracking is available through your local postal service or (ELTA) Hellenic Post
✈ To Europe: 3-5 Working days,
✈ To the US: 5-8 Working days, depending on which State To the rest of the world: 5-12 Working days, depends on where,
✉ If you need FAST DELIVERY please contact us before purchase or you can find the option on the Checkout page choosing with DHL Express
✈ DHL Express delivery is offered on every item.
📆 | Posted on September 30, 2020

We do ship by DHL Express

✪ DHL shipping is available on checkout (optional) to Ensure fast and Quality delivery right to your door ✪
✈ you will be so surprised to have your package right to your door in a few working days depending on where,
✈ For Europe: 1-2 Working days,
✈ For US: 2-4 Working days, depends on which State
✈ For the rest of the world: 2-6 Working days, depending on where,
📆 | Posted on September 30, 2020
If you are nearby to my store, you can choose Local Pickup
📆 | Posted on September 30, 2020
✪ If the item you order is in stock, We will ship it immediately in 1-3 working days.
✪ If not, it may need 3 to 7 workdays for product circle
✪ plus ✪ shipping days to arrive at your location
📆Posted on September 30, 2020

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